• Dr. Isaac LEUNG 梁學彬博士
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  • Kyle CHUNG 鍾亦琪
Dr. Isaac LEUNG 梁學彬博士

Isaac Leung is a practicing artist, curator, and scholar in art and culture.

In 2003, Leung received an Honorary Fellowship of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the New Media Art Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, his works have been exhibited in over 30 venues across the globe, including Zolla/Lieberman Gallery (USA), Para Site (Hong Kong), Videotage (Hong Kong), Connecting Space (Hong Kong), MOCA (Shanghai), and Venice Biennale of Architecture (Italy). Leung’s works are centered on critical issues concerning technology and social media, and they have been featured on National Public Radio (USA), and in Agence France-Presse (France), Chicago Tribune (USA), NY Arts Magazine (USA), Chicago Readers (USA) and the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong).

In 2013, Leung was appointed as the Chairman of Videotage. During his tenure, he initiated and participated in projects that included exhibitions, workshops, lectures, publications, online projects, and symposia. Some of these include 40 Years of Video Art in Germany and Hong Kong (Hong Kong and Germany), The 12th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition (Italy and Hong Kong), Perpetual Art Machine (USA), Time Test – International Video Art Research Exhibition (China), ISEA Festival (Hong Kong, China), Both Sides Now (Hong Kong, UK, and various countries), Loop Barcelona (Spain), One World Exposition (Hong Kong), China Remixed (USA), Clockenflap (Hong Kong), and Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative (Hong Kong). In recent years, Leung has been active in promoting international exchanges of video and media arts. He is also a staunch supporter of exploring new models for interdisciplinary collaboration and creative entrepreneurship. In addition to his contributions to Videotage, Leung has also served as advisor and assessor for diverse international institutions, previous services include projects presented by Home Affairs Bureau (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Hong Kong), and Prix Ars Electronica (Austria).

In the same year of 2013, Leung received his PhD degree, specializing in the contemporary Chinese art market. Leung has given lectures at several prominent conferences, including Transmediale (Germany), International Arts Leadership Roundtable 2016 (Hong Kong), Art Basel Salon (Hong Kong), and ARCO Contemporary Art Fair (Spain). Leung has taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Baptist University, the City University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He will serve as Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts of the Hong Kong Education University in July, 2017.


在2003年,梁學彬獲頒美國芝加哥藝術學院的新媒體藝術系美術學位榮譽院士。自此梁氏作品見於逾30多個世界各地場館,包括Zolla/Lieberman Gallery(美國)、Para Site(香港)、錄映太奇(香港)、Connecting Space(香港)、上海當代藝術館(上海)、以及威尼斯建築雙年展(意大利)。梁氏的作品專注於科技與社交媒體的關鍵議題,並見於全國公共廣播電台(National Public Radio)(美國)、法新社(法國)、芝加哥論壇報(美國)、紐約藝術雜誌(美國)、Chicago Readers(美國)及南華早報(香港)。

2013年,梁氏被委任為錄映太奇的主席。任內推動並參與多個新媒體藝術計劃,內容包括展覽、工作坊、講座、出版、網絡計劃及專題討論會,當中有二零零六年德國及香港錄像藝術四十年(香港和德國)、威尼斯雙年展國際建築展(意大利威尼斯,香港)、Perpetual Art Machine(美國紐約)、時間測試:國際錄像藝術研究觀摩展(中國)、電子藝術交流協會藝術節(ISEA Festival)(香港)、彼岸觀自在(香港,英國和各國)、Loop巴塞羅那(西班牙)、平行世界(香港)、China Remixed(美國)和巴塞爾藝術博覽會眾籌項目(香港)。近年梁氏積極推廣影像及媒體藝術的國際交流,同時堅定支持探索跨領域合作以及創新創業。在錄映太奇以外,梁氏曾兼任各個國際機構的顧問和評核員,包括民政事務局(香港)、香港藝術發展局(香港),以及電子藝術大獎(奧地利)。

2013同年,梁氏獲得他的博士學位,專門於當代中國藝術市場。梁氏曾於數個著名會議演講,包括Transmediale(德國)、國際文化領袖圓桌交流會(香港)、巴賽爾藝術展(香港),以及ARCO Contemporary Art Fair(西班牙)。梁氏曾任教於香港中文大學、香港浸會大學、香港城市大學、以及香港理工大學。梁氏將於2017年7月擔任香港教育大學文化與創意藝術學系助理教授。

Kyle CHUNG 鍾亦琪

Kyle Chung is a Hong Kong based curator whose exhibitions explore the dynamics between technologies, materiality and human agency. Selected exhibitions include To Outland (2016) at SMAC, Berlin, Germany; Conjunctions and Disjunctions: Juried Exhibition of International Symposium on Electronic Art 2016, Hong Kong; Rocking Prejudice (2015) at CHELSEA space, London, UK; Bright Shadow (2015) at The Morgue, London, UK; Jocelyn Herbert and Samuel Beckett From the Jocelyn Herbert Archive at the National Theatre (2015) at Wimbledon Space, London, UK. In 2016, Chung was appointed as the Jury of CynetArt International Festival in Dresden, Germany. Chung was trained as a curator with David Dibosa and Donald Smith in Chelsea College of Arts in London, where he acquired his MA in Curating. Chung is recently awarded Hong Kong PhD Fellowship for doctoral research in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Chung is currently Senior Research Associate in Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media, City University of Hong Kong; and House Curator at Videotage, Hong Kong.

鍾亦琪是駐香港策展人,其展覽圍繞科技、人文與物質性之間的相互關係。曾策展的展覽包括To Outland(2016)德國柏林SMAC;連繫與分離:2016國際電子藝術研討會展覽,香港;Rocking Prejudice(2015)英國倫敦 CHELSEA space;Bright Shadow(2015)英國倫敦TheMorgue;Jocelyn Herbert and Samuel Beckett From the Jocelyn Herbert Archive at the National Theatre (2015) 英國倫敦Wimbledon Space。 2016年於德國德累斯頓被委任為CynetArt國際藝術節陪審團 。師承DonaldSmith及DavidDibosa,曾於倫敦切爾西藝術學院受訓,獲得碩士學位(策展)。2017 年取得香港博士研究生獎學金,於香港城市大學創意媒體學院進行博士研究。現為香港城市大學互動媒體電算應用中心高級研究員;及香港錄映太奇策展人。