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An Atypical Brain Damage 一種奇怪的大腦損傷 | 2018 | Wallpaper and video installation 牆紙、錄像裝置

With his premiere at the Steirischer Herbst Festival, the artist stages a dark and upbeat pop opera in which instrumental live sounds mingle with pumping beats. Big-city arrogance couched in fashion meets the cam- ouflage jackets of Chinese rice-growers. The audience moves around an auditorium in which cultural codes and iconographic figures are dissected and meticulously reas- sembled by performers and musicians. The material for this ecstatic ghoulishness is derived from global club culture, corporate identities, folklore, and social media. This media mix of cultural icons reflects on Orientalist discourses in which the East and West dream up fanta- sies of each other. A global snapshot between kitsch and apocalypse, this live stream is of consciousness itself.

在施泰爾馬克之秋藝術節的首演中,藝術家上演了既黑暗又節奏澎湃的流行歌劇,現場音樂聲響與強力節拍渾 為一體。時裝演譯了大都市的傲慢,中國稻農的迷彩夾克與時尚碰撞。觀眾圍繞表演廳移動,文化規範與圖像支離破碎,任表演者和音樂家謹慎地重新組合。狂熱的凶暴源於全球舞廳文化、企業身分、民間傳說,以及社 交媒體。這文化標誌的混合媒體反映東方主義的論述,是東西方對各自的幻想。在媚俗與世界末日間的全球快 照,這個現場直播就是意識本身。