Guess Guess Hero 英雄猜猜猜 | 2018 | Performance 表演

The performance of Double Fly Art Center is often labe- led as “erotic,” “evil,” “revolutionary,” but their core can never be concealed: a dragon heart with heroism. The 9th anniversary of the group shares the same number of the nine members, which multiplies into 81 tribula- tions. Double Fly Art Center is hence presenting you a performance and “tribulating” the project happening in Hong Kong: charades among the members, that the vo- cabularies contain in-depth meaning, will be a game of a self-metaphor, self-reflection, and self-harm.

Double Fly Art Center’s slogan: Don’t worry, Double Fly Art Center is still that Double Fly Art Center!

雙飛藝術中心的表現雖總是看起來和「情色」、「邪惡」、 「革命」這樣的形容詞有關,但也無法掩蓋他們真正的核 心:一顆具有英雄主義的龍的內心。今年已是雙飛藝術中心成立的第九年,而雙飛成員的數目又恰好是九!真是九九八十一「難」呀。因此,在香港發生的項目中,雙飛將 為你呈現一場很「難」的表演:成員們相互之間做一個猜詞遊戲。不過,這些詞彙富含深義,那會是一場自我隱喻、 自我發省、自我傷害的演出。