#works 作品
SUN Xun 孫遜

b. 1980, works and lives in Beijing

The works of Sun Xun are mainly drawing and/or short animation. Sun Xun also exhibits his individual cell drawings and other mixed media works, often times alongside his films. His series of small mixed media works, entitled "Shock of Time" (2006), challenged notions of time, history and narration and utilized media such as newspapers, books and other documentary material that served to highlight certain passages of history. 21 KE (2010) was produced 3 years after its commencement and mainly completed by use of pastel and fusain on canvas. It constructs an impressive world full of wonders all in black and white. "Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined yet in the Revolution" (2011) is made by woodblock printing – a technique that was an important tool during the Cultural Revolution. This printing technique was used as an primary means of communication to quickly convey information to the masses. Clown's Revolution (2010), Beyond-ism (2010) and other such new works exhibit Sun Xun's recent attempt and breakthrough in the use of Chinese ink painting in his work. Although it is difficult, there is no doubt that the works are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary art.

Reality and fantasy, time and history, both are continuously seen in Sun Xun's work. Works such as "21 KE", "Magician's Lie" and "Requiem" feature a key protagonist; a magician dressed in a black suit and a high top hat. The magician has been in search of another world, probably a utopia. Over the course of this character's expedition, the sequences are dreamlike and apocalyptic. Sun's works explore themes of societal development and revolution, referencing such theorists as Marx, Adorno, and Horkheimer.

His major animation works include: "Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined yet in the Revolution"(2011), "Clown's Revolution"(2010), "Beyond-ism"(2010), "21 KE (21 GRAMS)"(2010), "People's Republic of Zoo"(2009), "New China"(2008), "Coal Spell"(2008), "Requiem"(2007), "Heroes No Longer"(2007), "Lie"(2006), "Mythos"(2006), "Lie of Magician"(2005), "A War About Chinese Words"(2005).

For Sun's work "21 KE (21 GRAMS)" the artist provides this synopsis: "This world has no specific time; we live in vanity. This is a confusing world. There's no law, no rule, and the lie dominates everything. There's lying and being lied to only. Telling a lie is morally condemned everywhere, but a magician is the only exception. When people feel lost, they mortgage their souls, and pin their hopes on magicians. Yes, magicians are the authority! A lie is the truth! And it's cheap!"

As a young artist, Sun Xun made an impressive impact, especially during recent years. He has received several notable awards including the "Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA Best Young Artist)" and "Taiwan Contemporary Art Link Young Art Award" in 2010, and the Civitella Ranieri Visual Arts Fellowship 2011/ 2012.
In 2012, his latest wood printing animation film “Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined yet in the Revolution” has been nominated by the Berlinale Shorts 2012 jury in 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

Merely 2 years after SUN Xun's work 21G entered Venice Film Festival in 2010, being the first Chinese animation film nominated by this festival, the artist
brings animation work once again into top three A-class international film festivals. Selected Works include: Magician Party and Dead Crow(2013), Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined Yet in the Revolution(2011), Clown's Revolution(2010), Beyond-ism(2010), 21 Ke(2010), People's Republic of Zoo(2009), New China(2008), Coal Spell(2008), Heroes No Longer(2007), Requiem(2007), Mythos(2006), Lie(2006), Lie of Magician(2005), A war about Chinese words(2005).

Sun Xun was born in 1980 in Fuxin in Liaoning province, China. He currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated in 2005 from the Print-making Department of the China Academy of Art. In 2006 he established π Animation Studio.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Prediction Laboratory, Yuz Museum, Shanghai (2016); “The Secondary Republic" 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - Artist Exhibition, Oberhausen, Germany (2016); Republic of Jing Bang, a Country Based on Whale, Holland Animation Film Festival&City Hall, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2015); Yesterday Is Tomorrow, Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.(2014); Magician Party and Dead Crow, SUN Xun Residency Project, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing (2013); A Footnote to Time, Wall/ladder/machine, New York, U.S.A.(2012); Beyond-ism - Sun Xun Solo Exhibition, ShanghART Beijing (2011); 21KE, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2010); The Soul of Time, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Switzerland (2010); Sun Xun: The Dark Magician of New Chinese Animation, Pacific film archive Theater, California University of Berkeley, USA (2009) etc. Recent group exhibitions include: The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative at the Guggenheim, Tales of Our Time, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, U.S.A.(2016); 2015 Asian Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan (2015); Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A.(2013); Taipei Biennial 2012, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei(2012); Liverpool Biennial 2012, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK(2012); Moving Image in China : 1988-2011, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2011); Yokohama International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Yokohama, Japan (2011); China Power Station - part 4, Pinacoteca Agnelli, Torino, Italy (2010); Aichi Tiennale 2010, Aichi, Japan (2010) etc.

b. 1980, 工作和生活在北京




作為一位年輕藝術家,短短數年,孫遜在影像藝術領域的成果令人矚目。2010年,孫遜陸續獲得中國當代藝術獎“最佳年輕藝術家獎”;台灣當代藝術連線新潮賞獎和意大利CIVITELLA RANIERI 基金2011/2012年度獎學金。2012年,木刻動畫短片《一場革命中還未來得及定義的行為》(2012)入圍第六十二屆柏林電影節短片競賽單元。這是其作品《21克》(2010)入圍2010威尼斯電影節地平線單元,成為第一部入圍威尼斯電影節的中國動畫影片之後,兩年內作品再次入圍國際三大A類電影節。



孫遜近期個展包括:讖語實驗室,余德耀美術館,上海(2016);《第二共和國》第62屆奧伯豪森國際短片電影節 - 藝術家個展奧伯豪森, 德國(2016);鯨邦實習共和國個展荷蘭動畫電影節&市政廳, 烏得勒支, 荷蘭(2015);昨日即明日,HAYWARD 畫廊,倫敦,英國(2014);魔術師黨與死烏鴉 — 孫遜定格動畫駐留項目,香格納北京,北京(2013);沒有意義的注腳,WALL/LADDER/MACHINE,紐約,美國(2012);主義之外 — 孫遜個展,香格納北京,北京(2011);21克,民生現代美術館,上海(2010);時間的靈魂,巴塞爾鄉村半州美術館,巴塞爾,瑞士(2010);孫遜: 新中國動畫的魔術師個展,太平洋電影資料館, 加州大學伯克利分校, 美國(2009)等。近期群展包括:古根海姆“何鴻毅家族基金會中國當代藝術計劃”,
故事新編,所羅門·R·古根海姆美術館,紐約,美國(2016);亞洲藝術雙年展,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣(2015);水墨藝術: 借古說今中國當代藝術,大都會博物館,紐約,美國(2013);台北雙年展,台北市立美術館,台北(2012);利物浦雙年展,利物浦,英國(2012);中國當代藝術二十年之——中國影像藝術,民生現代美術館,上海(2011);橫濱國際當代藝術三年展, 橫濱, 日本(2011);中國發電站 - 第四站, PINACOTECA AGNELLI,都靈,意大利(2010);愛知三年展——都市的祭典,愛知藝術文化中心;名古屋市立美術館等,日本(2010)等。