#works 作品
Double Fly Art Center 雙飛藝術中心 http://www.doubleflyart.com/

The Double Fly Art Center established in 2008, graduates by 9 young people graduated from identical academy and department. All the time, “Double Fly” to the name of a “Art Center” organization and creation seems to be related with the contemporary art activities and works, They specialize in a great variety of artistic model, traditional’s like Ink of birds and flowers, sketch avatar; modern’s such as modern dance, the third brother animation. At manifestations, the famous full media artist Wang Twoball commented Double Fly: "They some- times rigorous sharp, direct plug system defects, sometimes delightful, free outside of the hustle and bustle of their appearance is not deliberately high-profile but always attract all audience, the various civilian spectators and veteran acclaimed as a natural.” While they insist their own artistic creation, they appear together in any kind of situation like some life public place, the art exhibition opening and so on. They always make the person surprise because of their performance. For example they acted the robber in the bank which was repairing to take remnant. When they were in the washing foot room and have massages, they groaned like xan- thic film actress. Played with the computer games to grouped a rock and roll band and per- form in live. They also made mtv like entertainment stars to make CD sale and so on. They do not think their performance relate with their artistic creation. So when they invited to join the art exhibitions they always to make exhibition funny. For instance: in 2009, in Shanghai’s m50, Double Fly’s exhibition opened like a collection of their new MV Disk and T-shirts; in 2010 Beijing 798, they turned the exhibition hall like a past time dirty theater to show their activity video; In the young artist group exhibition , they made noisy and strong mtv “Contemporary Business” teases the display system itself; during the SH Contemporary 2012, they disguised as terror- ists live video to the world they threatened to kill the arts, in the case of no ransom to destroy many works of art cruel. Their creation maintained extemporaneously, always acted according to the local factor to cause the event. Double Fly Art Center members live in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places now.