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Chris CHEUNG (h0nh1m) / XCEED 張瀚謙 (h0nh1m) / XCEED http://xceed.hk

XCEED is a new media art collective based in Hong Kong, focusing on digital art installation, spatial design and interactive performance. The works has been selected in various international art festival, including ArsElectonica in Linz, FILE in São Paulo, MADATAC in Madrid, CYNET in Dresden and Microwave International New Media Art Festival etc… Recent artworks have been selected and commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

XCEED is about transcending boundaries and beyond limitations.

Web: http://xceed.hk
Facebook: https://fb.com/xceed.hk
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/xceedhk

The artistic practice of Chris Cheung (h0nh1m) reflects his beliefs in Chinese Philosophy and his works combine traditional and futuristic ideas. Inspired by the Zhuang Zhou, his earliest work “The happiness of fish” presents his thoughts on objectivism and subjectivism verse the initiative of interactivity and the death of the author. He is always exploring new medium and finding aesthetic in technological intervention. His creations won him awards in the Reddot, TDC, GDC11, Design for Asia awards and New York Art Director Club Young Guns 11. He received the Young Artist Award from HKADC and the Young Design Talent Awards from HKDC in 2010 and 2011 respectively. He founded XEX / XCEED, the collective works have been showcased worldwide. Recently, he is commissioned by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, MOCA Taipei and appointed as the Artistic Director and Chief Curator of the New Media and Tech Exhibition in the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale.

Chris also composes music for indie films and TV commercials. He formed an electronic duo – VIM (Volt in Music) in 2008 and the band was selected by Time Out Magazine and CNNGO as “one of the top 10 Hong Kong indie band” in 2009.



網站: http://xceed.hk
Facebook: https://fb.com/xceed.hk
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/xceedhk

張瀚謙的美學觀反映他在中國哲學的信仰﹔他的藝術作品結合了傳統和未來的概念。受莊子的 啟發,他最早的裝置作品《子非魚》提出了主客觀念與互動自主性的關係,引申對「作者而死」 及衍生藝術的銓譯。他的作品常以探尋新媒體和科技介入生活為議題。 張氏的作品包括《子非魚》、《封筆》、《永》及《上大人》等,在德國紅點設計獎、紐約字 體藝術指導俱樂部、深圳 GDC11、日本字體設計協會、亞洲最具影響力設計大獎和紐約藝術指 導暨11 届青年先鋒年賽展分別取得獎項,並於 2010 獲香港藝術發展局頒發「新晉藝術家獎」。 及後, 獲得由香港設計中心頒贈「香港青年設計才俊大獎」。他早於 2007 年成立創作團隊 XEX,後於2013 年成立新媒體藝術品牌XCEED,展覽作品巡迴世界各地。最近獲香港文化博物館及台北當代藝術館委任創作及擔任首届深港設計雙年展(新媒體)的藝術監督及總策展人。

張氏亦同時為廣告及獨立電影配樂。2008 年,他組成二人電音組合 VIM,樂隊曾被《Time Out Magazine》和《CNNGO》選為「香港十大最佳獨立樂隊」。