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CHEN Tianzhuo 陳天灼 http://vimeo.com/tianzhuo

“Flesh is inherently weak, and the border between life and death is, as such, indistinct” –Tianzhuo Chen

Born in 1985, Tianzhuo Chen is currently living and working in Beijing, China. After graduating from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, he received his Masters in Fine Arts from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

As a younger generation artist, Tianzhuo Chen skillfully works between the artistic disciplines of installation, performance, video, drawing on paper and photography. Many of his artworks require others’ participation or that of the audience so to take the form of a “happening”, such as an underground party, staged performance, or more conceptually, a constructed ritual site, and ultimately transforming reality into fantasy. Within his artworks, Chen mixes his well versed knowledge of elements and symbols found in religion (like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Shamanism, etc.), subculture (like cult cultures, drag and rave, etc.), popular culture (such as cartoons, hip hop and electronic music, etc.), and dance (like Japanese Butoh and Vogueing) in order to juxtapose the atmosphere, and cause the audience/participants to transcend both superficial sates of the body and spirit. Ultimately, arriving at, what the artist himself has referred to, as a “state of madness”.

Transcending the self and triggering frenzy are the incentives that seemingly motivate Tianzhuo Chen’s artwork. Like a master alchemist, he seeks to bring out elements that already exist within the reality of contemporary society. After their distillation (or purification), he molds and sublimates them into an authentically frenzied atmosphere. The all-seeing eye, Eric Cartman, the racist from “South Park”, and dwarfs that possess elements or symbols of alienation often appear within his works. Whether a wood-carved sculpture, performance prop or video backdrop, his use of bold and gaudy colors in addition to layers of music, both interactively stimulates the senses, and completes the sublimation of his artworks. In the work 19:53 (2015), a decorative ornament of Jesus’ Crucifix and the symbol of a “$” chain necklace are arranged on the same screen. The background of the video is filled with glaring, bulging eyes, and people playing with articles of bondage, such as harnesses, masks, latex tights, SM leashes, Japanese cartoon masks, and the mystical cape of a religious saint, as if representing both newborn mice and skinned dead chicken. All these obscure and mysterious scenes point towards mania, as the Chinese pop singer, Zeng Yike’s vocals are played as background music and smoke rises from the stage. In the inflatable sculpture, I Love the Way You Taste (2015) now exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, the continual process of inflating and deflating gives rise to the image of a vulture devouring a woman’s intestines.

Tianzhuo Chen’s strong artistic purpose allows him to more freely gather and utilize a diverse range of media. In addition to sculpture, video, installation and drawing, he synthesizes work by including forms of popular culture, such as clothing, music, parties and performance.



生與死、輪迴與靈魂,瘋癲、狂熱、荒誕,陳天灼通過藝術構建他的虛擬宗教;作品混合表演和影像、裝置、繪畫等形式,集合地下派對,舞台表演,或更精確建構的儀式般的現場,將現實轉變升華為幻境。宗教(如佛教、印度教、基督教、薩滿教等),次文化(如邪典文化、Drag、Rave等),流行文化(如卡通、嘻哈音樂、電子樂等),舞蹈(如日本舞踏、Vogueing)等元素和符號都被他融匯貫通於作品當中,以期讓觀者/參與者在氣氛烘托之中超越身體和精神的表面情狀,到達藝術家本人提到的“癲狂狀態”。 陳天灼的重要個展有《陳天灼》(東京宮,法國巴黎,2015)、《野餐天堂婊子》(BANK畫廊,中國上海,2014)、《天灼酸俱樂部》(星空間,中國北京,2013);參與的重要群展有《創客創客》(中央美術學院美術館,中國北京,2015)、《明天的派對》(尤倫斯藝術中心,中國北京,2014)、《迷途:時間空間織毯》(上海當代藝術博物館,中國上海,2014)及《存在-+關注年輕藝術家群展》(上海當代藝術館,中國上海)