About One World Exposition

Since its foundation in 1986, Videotage has established a reputation, locally and internationally, for its video and new media arts projects. Numerous programs curated in the past not only have mobilized artists, thinkers and audiences to cross the geographical and cultural boarders between Hong Kong and the “world,” but they have also represented the entire spectrum of new media technology. One cannot imagine how many zillions of video frames; image pixels, sound bits, and programming codes have been carried along on air flights and via telephone lines by the projects of our past. Despite these technological languages becoming the basic unit of communication between Videotage and the “world,” the traveling of frames, pixels, bits, and codes also entwines the cultural delineations between the local and the international.

In 2011, with the initial support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, One World Exposition was successfully presented as a large-scale project umbrella, in collaboration with Asia Art Archive, Hanart TZ Gallery, KEE Club, Osage Art Foundation, School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, and Spring Workshop. One World Exposition brought together internationally recognized media artists from the fields of video, film, lighting, theatre, computer games, and interactive media during a month long program. In addition to the main exhibitions, One World Exposition also presented four special programs, which include Yang Fudong's epic 7-screen installation, The Fifth Night; Feng Mengbo’s commissioned audio-visual project, Bruce Lee VJ Project; and two live performances conducted by Qiu Zhijie, Ellen Pau, Wang Jianwei, and Danny Yung.

#You #Me #OurSELFIES is the expansion pack of One World Exposition 2.1: #like4like held in 2017. As emergent communications technologies and information systems take over the very way we relate to each other, OWE 2.2 brings together commissioned works by 10 artists of the millennial generation from the Mainland and Hong Kong to think through the interconnected relations between ourselves, others and beyond.


平行世界在2011年獲得香港藝術發展局的支持,成為了一個與亞洲藝術文獻庫、漢雅軒、KEE Club、奧沙藝術基金、香港城市大學邵逸夫創意媒體中心和Spring Workshop合作的大型總體項目。節目集合了影像、電影、燈光、舞台、電子遊戲,以及互動媒體界的國際知名媒體藝術家。除了多個展覽外,平行世界呈獻了4個特備節目,包括楊福東絕倫的7屏視頻裝置,《第五夜》;馮夢波的委託視聽作品,《龍威計劃》;以及由邱志杰、鮑藹倫、汪建偉、以及榮念曾進行的兩個現場表演。

#You #Me #OurSELFIES 延續2017年的平行世界2.1: #like4like。嶄新的溝通科技和資訊系統改變了大眾的關係模式,平行世界2.2透過委約10個內地和香港的千禧世代藝術家創作作品,思考我們與其他事物之間如何互相連繫。